VIDEO: Six Months After Losing, McSally Still Can’t Explain Her Health Care Position

McSally has spent years in Washington voting to increase health care costs and strip coverage protections for Arizonans – but now she “won’t say” where she stands

It’s been about six months since unelected Senator Martha McSally became the first Arizona Republican in 30 years to lose a Senate race, in an election that was dominated by her toxic voting record on health care.

Here we are six months later, and McSally still can’t figure out how to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act.

Instead, McSally’s solution is to try to hide her support for repealing the health care law and refuse to give a straightforward answer – despite her years-long record of voting for Republican plans that would gut protections for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions and spike costs for hardworking Arizona families. Arizona media is already saying that “the debate over health care will dominate the 2020 election,” but McSally appears intent on repeating the same mistakes of her last failed campaign and just hoping for a different result.

KTVK/KPHO Phoenix: Arizona Sen. Martha McSally won’t say if she’d repeal Obamacare

By Dennis Welch

May 10, 2019

Key Points:

  • While serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, McSally, who is a Republican, had a history of voting to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • So has Arizona’s junior senator flipped her position? Not exactly.
  • When asked if she would repeal the ACA, which protects patients with pre-existing conditions from losing coverage, McSally did not give a straight-forward answer.


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