WATCH: Cory Gardner Skipped His Own Fundraiser to Avoid VP Pence

Vice President Mike Pence was in Colorado yesterday to fundraise for Senator Cory Gardner, the “most vulnerable Senate Republican” and the least popular Senate Republican with his base back home. But there was one key person missing from the event: Senator Cory Gardner. In the past, Gardner has proudly endorsed President Trump’s re-election, promised to campaign alongside him in 2020, and voted with the White House 99% of the time. Now, as the president’s approval continues to tank in Colorado, Gardner is trying to have it both ways, skipping appearances with Trump and Pence while continuing to vote in lockstep with their toxic agenda.

More here on Gardner’s conspicuous absence at his own campaign event:


9News’ Kyle Clark: “President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Defense successfully defended Senator Cory Gardner from an uncomfortable photo-op today. Gardner headed back to Washington to vote on that nomination rather than appear with Vice President Mike Pence in Windsor at a fundraiser for Gardner’s re-election.”

KDVR (Denver): Pence says he’ll be ‘campaigning hard’ for Gardner during Colorado stop

By Joe St. George

July 22, 2019

Key Points:

  • In fact, FOX31 was first to report Gardner did not even attend the Windsor fundraiser; his wife went instead.
  • So, why no public events?
  • “He is potentially afraid of the photo op between the White House and himself,” FOX31 Democratic Analyst Andy Boian said.

Colorado Times Recorder: Sen. Gardner to Skip Own Fundraiser Featuring VP Pence Today

By Noah Zucker

July 22, 2019

Key Points:

  • Interestingly, Gardner won’t even be appearing alongside Pence at his own fundraiser.
  • “Senator Gardner not attending the Windsor fundraiser with VP Pence,” Joe St. George of Fox 31 tweeted earlier today. “Gardner’s wife will be attending in his place.”


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