New Poll: North Carolinians Ready to Wash Their Hands of Thom Tillis

With Tillis Underwater By 21 Points, Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC Is Pumping $22 Million Into North Carolina Airwaves to Save Tillis’ Struggling Campaign

A new poll released today from Public Policy Polling shows that Senator Thom Tillis “isn’t in very good standing with North Carolinians” with an approval rating of just 26%, compared to 47% who disapprove. This is a stunning 21-point deficit for the senator who has been “strikingly unpopular” among North Carolinians of all political stripes ever since he “caved like a $4 suitcase” and voted for Trump’s sham emergency declaration after penning a now-infamous op-ed declaring he would vote against it.

When it comes to health care — an issue that’s top of mind for North Carolinians as our nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic — Tillis’ approval is even lower, 24% approve to 48% disapprove. The poll also shows that a whopping 76% of voters have “‘very serious’ concerns” about Tillis’ stated view that restaurants should not be required to make employees wash their hands on the job — including 77% of independents and 66% of Republicans.

Tillis’ consistently poor standing with North Carolinians explains why Mitch McConnell’s super PAC has booked a $22 million rescue mission for Tillis on the airwaves — nearly one-third of their initial fall ad buy to defend flailing incumbents across the country. This comes after McConnell allies’ $3 million failure to try and meddle in the North Carolina Democratic Senate primary to avoid Tillis having to face decorated veteran Cal Cunningham in the general election.

“Senator Tillis is so deep in the hole with North Carolina voters that Mitch McConnell’s allies are already planning to sink $22 million into a rescue mission,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “Yet another public poll clearly shows that after Senator Tillis has spent his entire career playing lapdog to President Trump and his party leadership, North Carolinians are ready to wash their hands of their junior senator come November.”

Read the full poll results here.


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