Post-Recess Update: David Perdue’s Campaign Fined A Whopping $30,000 By The FEC For Campaign Finance Violations

Here’s what Georgia voters were watching and reading about their U.S. Senator during the latest recess: Republican David Perdue paying a $30,000 fine to the Federal Election Commission for widespread campaign finance violations. Perdue is facing scrutiny for breaking the rules in his 2014 campaign by accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in prohibited and excessive campaign cash.

AP: Georgia Sen. Perdue’s campaign fined $30,000 for violations

  • The campaign of U.S. Sen. David Perdue paid a $30,000 fine to federal regulators for violations discovered in the Georgia Republican’s fundraising reports from the 2014 election.
  • FEC documents show the fine stemmed from violations uncovered by an audit of Perdue’s fundraising and expenditures from five years ago, when the former Dollar General and Reebok CEO was first elected to the Senate. Now an outspoken ally of President Donald Trump, Perdue will seek reelection in 2020.
  • The settlement says an FEC auditor found Perdue’s campaign took more than $117,000 in prohibited contributions during the previous campaign, as well as more than $325,000 that exceeded legal limits on campaign donations. The FEC also found Perdue’s campaign failed to disclose $128,972 in debts and obligations.

Georgia TV: Perdue campaign takes a financial hit with $30K fine for fundraising violations

The Hill: Perdue campaign fined $30K for fundraising violations in 2014 cycle

  • Sen. David Perdue’s (R-Ga.) reelection campaign paid a $30,000 fine to federal regulators for fundraising violations from the 2014 election, documents show.
  • A disclosure from Monday, the filing deadline for the latest quarter, shows that Perdue’s campaign paid a $30,000 civil penalty last month to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
  • The payment was the result of a negotiated settlement between the campaign and the FEC based on an audit that found violations in Perdue’s 2014 fundraising reports.


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