2 Months Later, Ron Johnson Still Refuses To Accept Russ Feingold’s Badger Pledge To Keep Outside Money Out Of Wisconsin

Tomorrow is the 2 month anniversary of Ron Johnson refusing to accept Russ Feingold’s proposed “Badger Pledge” to keep outside money out of the Wisconsin Senate race. As Johnson continues to dodge the numerous questions still looming over his shady 2010 campaign finance scheme, he’s avoided the subject of campaign finance altogether.

Unfortunately for Johnson, the questions aren’t going anywhere – especially now that Johnson is facing an FEC complaint over his questionable corporate funding scheme and a Senate Ethics complaint over his use of taxpayer-funded resources to boost his campaign.

In the meantime, while benefiting from more than half a million dollars in outside cash already he’s campaigning in Wisconsin with Scott Brown. Yes, that Scott Brown.

“Ron Johnson’s refusal to accept the Badger Pledge and keep outside money out of Wisconsin proves he’s on the side of special interest billionaires like the Koch Brothers and not Wisconsin’s working families,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Wisconsinites deserve to know why Ron Johnson believes outside money should fuel his campaign just like they deserve to hear the truth about his shady 2010 fundraising scheme and unethical use of taxpayer resources to campaign.”

To date, Ron Johnson has benefitted from more than $500,000 in outside TV ads.

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