At Trump Rally, Budd Continues To Show He Is Wrong For North Carolina

Today Trump headed to North Carolina to hold a rally for his handpicked candidate Ted Budd – a D.C. insider with no accomplishments for his state, who has spent his career looking out for himself at the expense of working families.

Here’s what you need to know about Budd as Trump attempts to rescue his struggling campaign:

Budd is too extreme for North Carolina – he is an original co-sponsor of Republicans’ national abortion ban, and refuses to say if he will accept the ‘22 election results.

Budd’s self-serving agenda has “cost farmers millions– and in Congress, “Budd has made several votes against farmers’ interests.”

Budd is bought and paid for – he is “beholden to outside forces” like Big Oil and Big Pharma who bankroll his campaign while hurting North Carolinians.

Budd is a weak candidate running a weak campaign – even Republicans are “concerned” and sounding the alarm. 


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