DSCC Statement on House Vote to Reopen Vital Government Services

In response to the House vote to end the GOP’s shutdown of government services including the Small Business Administration and IRS, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Democrats in the House are voting to end the GOP’s pointless and damaging government shutdown, and the bipartisan legislation passed today would ensure Americans receive their tax returns and small business owners have access to vital services. Every day that Senate Republicans refuse to take up these bills they move vulnerable GOP incumbents in Maine, Colorado and across the country closer to defeat in 2020.”

Small Business Are “Facing Issues” As A Result Of Shutdown, Since They Can’t Get Loans From Shuttered Small Business Administration (SBA). “Indeed, all kinds of small businesses are facing issues as a result of the shutdown—they can’t get loans from the Small Business Administration because it’s closed; and again, those furloughed federal employees don’t have cash to spend.” [Fortune, 1/9/19]

White House Claims Tax Refunds Will Go Out, But There’s Hardly Anyone At The IRS To Do The Work. “The processing of returns and customer service — most of those employees have been furloughed,” said Nicole Kaeding, director of federal projects at the Tax Foundation. [CNBC, 1/7/19]

With The Doors Of The SBA Closed, Loan Applications From Small Businesses Have Halted. “With the doors of the Small Business Administration (SBA) closed, loan applications from small businesses have halted. Following a month (November 2018) in which the approval rate for small business loans at regional and community banks was greater than 50%, the percentages of approved funding applications dropped three tenths of a percent in December. This can be attributed to the fact that SBA Loan applications are on hold.” [Forbes, 1/7/19]



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