Herschel Walker’s “Rambling Incoherence” & “Bizarre” Comments “Raise Eyebrows,” Show He Is Unfit To Represent Georgia

MSNBC: “Walker has run into all kinds of problems, but his difficulties with substance have been especially difficult to explain away.”

News coverage is highlighting how Herschel Walker “gave another nonsensical speech” yesterday in which he “delivered a bizarre diatribe about vampires and werewolves.”

It’s the latest gaffe for Walker, who has also made headlines this week for “prais[ing] ‘gas-guzzling cars that release ‘good emissions,’” and for being “unaware that there will be any early voting ahead of the runoff” – showing Georgia voters time after time that he is unfit to represent them in the Senate. 

See for yourself:

  • The Independent: Herschel Walker tells bizarre story about vampires and werewolves to make point about ‘faith’ in politics. “This is hardly the first time that the Republican Georgia politician has courted controversy by weaving figures into speeches, who are typically reserved for the chapter books of fantasy and sci-fi novels. Just one day before the polls opened in the midterm elections, the Trump-endorsed candidate made one final push to get voters’ support by inexplicably voicing his own support for ‘Martians’ in the US.”
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Jolt, 11.16.22. “GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker seemed unaware that there will be any early voting ahead of the runoff. Speaking to a crowd in Jefferson Tuesday night… Walker stopped himself and called to a staff member off stage, ‘I don’t think they have early voting do they?’”


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