ICYMI: DSCC Chair Sen. Gary Peters Discusses Senate Republicans’ Flawed Candidates Like Bernie Moreno on Morning Joe


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MSNBC: Morning Joe
March 21, 2024

  • Sen. Peters: If you look at how we won last cycle, we made history. We held the Senate, we expanded it and one of the main reasons for that is first off, we had better candidates, better incumbents, they were superior to who they were running against. And the reason for that and why we could create these contrasts is oftentimes they were in very spirited Republican primaries. The most extreme candidate got out of that primary, usually with Donald Trump’s support.

  • Sen. Peters: We just saw that in Ohio with the primary this week. We have a very extreme candidate that’s going to really show a very clear contrast between Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Bernie Moreno. Here’s Sherrod Brown, a champion for working men and women in Ohio versus Moreno, who refused to pay overtime to his employees, they had to sue him, and then he destroyed evidence to try to get out of it. He is all about himself versus Sherrod Brown, who has been fighting his entire life for working men and women. It’s that kind of contrast, that clear contrast, that will show voters that it is much easier to make a choice and to vote for Sherrod Brown. I’m confident he’s going to win. It’s one of our top races we have to win and now with this kind of matchup, that will certainly, I think, allow Sherrod Brown to do even better in Ohio.

  • Sen. Peters: In terms of Texas, we have a real opportunity there. Colin Allred is a strong candidate. He won decisively a primary. He is a man who was able to win a tough seat in the Dallas area, beating an entrenched Republican. He knows how to win. He’s running against an incumbent there in Ted Cruz, whose numbers are very weak in the polling, his unfavorabilities are very high. And Colin is out there working, …a former professional football player, he’s got a great biography of a multi-generation family in Texas that allowed him to be successful by working very hard. It’s the kind of example people in Texas like, they’ll see that he is fighting for them, as opposed to the incumbent who has shown time and time again to be on other agendas and those agendas often do not include what’s best for people in Texas. 


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