ICYMI: Whoops! Behold the Republican Trove of Truly Terrible Candidates. [The New York Times]


The New York Times (Opinion): Whoops! Behold the Republican Trove of Truly Terrible Candidates.
By Gail Collins
October 5, 2022

Key Points:

  • Down to the finish line, people. Elections just about a month away. A ton of races to keep track of, but if you’re looking for diversion, you’ll find some of the Senate campaigns really … unusual.
  • Whoops — the Republicans have assembled a trove of truly terrible candidates.
  • You’d almost think the party honchos met in secret and decided that running the Senate was too much of a pain, and that they needed to gather some nominees who would guarantee they could keep lazing around in the minority.
  • I know you know that we have to begin this discussion with Herschel Walker.
  • On the minus side, Walker was a tad, well, fictional on points ranging from his academic and business achievements to the number of his children.
  • Plus, Walker seems totally out to lunch when it comes to … issue stuff. He attacked Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act with its emphasis on halting global warming, as did many, many conservatives. But I’m pretty sure Walker was the only one who argued that “we have enough trees.”
  • So maybe not a perfect pick for a candidate to run against incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock, a longtime public speaker, community activist and pastor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s old church. But hey, Walker was a really good football player! And a Donald Trump fave!
  • Walker isn’t the only awful candidate the Republicans are fielding in critical races.
  • In New Hampshire… All the party had to do was avoid nominating somebody off the wall, like Don Bolduc, a retired general who the Republican governor, Chris Sununu, called a “conspiracy-theory extremist.”
  • Surprise! Bolduc won the primary. And the way he’s handling his victory makes you think he was as shocked as the party leaders.
  • This is the same guy who vowed to “always fight” for the life-begins-at-conception principle. But we live now in a political world where Republicans are discovering, to their shock, that people don’t want to be told what to do about their reproduction choices.
  • In the Republican search for terrible candidates… we can’t overlook Arizona.
  • Enter Blake Masters, the Trump-backed Republican nominee who appeared in one early campaign ad toting a short-barreled rifle that he kinda boasted was designed not for hunting but “to kill people.”
  • He does have a history of blaming gun violence on “Black people, frankly” and making a video while dressed in war paint in which he makes fun of people who worry about “cultural insensitivity.”
  • Hey, you don’t need to go to a movie theater to be horrified. Just think what the Senate would be like if these guys win.


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