IN THE STATES: Democrats Call Out Republicans’ Anti-Choice Agenda As SCOTUS Prepares To Overturn Roe v. Wade

Democrats across the Senate battlegrounds are calling out Republicans’ attacks on abortion access, birth control, and women’s health care – and reminding voters that the stakes of protecting and expanding our Democratic Senate Majority that will fight to protect women’s health care has never been higher. 

See for yourself:

From the Arizona Democratic Party: “This November, Arizonans are going to make our outrage heard by electing pro-choice women up and down the ballot who will do what Republicans have not; protect our ability to make our own decisions.” 

From the Colorado Democratic Party: “Ron Hanks and Joe O’Dea are enemies of abortion rights and their extreme views go against the majority of Coloradans. Their embrace of anti choice views disqualify them from serving in the U.S. Senate.”

From the Florida Democratic Party: “Republicans like Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio have long campaigned on overturning Roe v. Wade and banning abortion. Just last month, Florida Republicans began to wage an all-out war on reproductive rights in Florida with an extreme 15-week abortion ban, even refusing to create exemptions for survivors of rape, incest, and human trafficking. Elections have consequences, and the Supreme Court has made the stakes of this year’s elections painfully clear: we must elect Democrats at every level who will protect our reproductive freedom and vote out the Republicans who are trying to roll back our rights.” 

From the Georgia Democratic Party: “The stakes of the upcoming midterms election could not be higher, especially with… candidates like David Perdue and Herschel Walker standing at the ready to ban abortion outright.”

From the Nevada Democratic Victory Party: “Senate Republicans have made it clear: if they elect Adam Laxalt to the Senate, they will do everything in their power to ban abortion nationwide. Nevadans rejected Laxalt’s anti-choice agenda in 2018, and they will again this fall.” 

From the New Hampshire Democratic Party: “The right to reproductive health care, enshrined into law by Roe v. Wade, is a fundamental New Hampshire value. This new report reinforces how now, more than ever, it is crucial that we elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November who will never stop fighting to protect Granite Staters’ reproductive rights.”

From the North Carolina Democratic Party: “There is only one way to protect our reproductive freedom and ensure everyone has the right to make their own health care decisions – electing Democrats up and down the ballot.”

From the Ohio Democratic Party: “Tonight’s news also puts a spotlight on J.D. Vance and Jean Schmidt, extremists who have insulted survivors of sexual assault by calling rape ‘inconvenient’ and an ‘opportunity’ in their push to strip away the right to safe, legal abortion. This year’s election could not be more important and come November, Ohioans will reject these uncompromising attacks on their rights and freedom.”  

From the Pennsylvania Democratic Party: “Republicans’ attacks on abortion access, birth control and women’s health care have made it crystal clear that the stakes of our 2022 elections couldn’t be higher. Republicans have spent the last decade trying to strip health care access away from women and families, and this ruling would be a win for radical opponents of health care. Our only way to fight this ruling is to make Josh Shapiro our next governor, protect the Democratic Senate majority by flipping Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, and send representatives to Harrisburg who value a woman’s right to choose. Reproductive freedoms and access to health care are absolutely on the ballot this November.”

From the Wisconsin Democratic Party: “Banning abortion is profoundly unpopular, both in Wisconsin and nationwide. The Supreme Court is meant to uphold the rights of the people of the United States. Yet the far-right majority of the court, aided and abetted by anti-abortion extremists in Congress, now appears poised to shred what remains of access to abortion. Today abortion is still legal, but this decision, if enacted, directly contradicts both the will of the majority of the country and decades of Constitutional jurisprudence, and is a devastating failure to the American people. This is especially critical in a state like Wisconsin, which has a 19th-century abortion ban on the books that would take effect if Roe v. Wade were overturned. The stakes of the 2022 elections couldn’t be higher: we’re fighting for the ability of each person to make their own decisions about their body, life, and future.”


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