John McCain: Some American Jobs “Shouldn’t Be Protected”

This week, John McCain joined radio host Chris Merrill on KFYI to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership bill. During the interview, McCain commented to the host that some American jobs “frankly…. shouldn’t be protected.”

LISTEN: John McCain: Some American Jobs “Shouldn’t Be Protected”

MCCAIN: “So, are there some people who and businesses that can’t be protected, but frankly they shouldn’t be protected really, when you get down to it…”

“As John McCain braces for his toughest reelection fight yet, he should immediately tell Arizonians exactly what jobs he doesn’t believe should be protected,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “As a Senator, John McCain should be working to create and protect jobs here in Arizona, not simply shrugging his shoulders when they get shipped overseas.”

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