Mark Kirk Hits Panic Button With “Unusually Early” Ad Blitz

In a move highlighting just how vulnerable Mark Kirk is, the Republican Senator began airing the first TV ad of his reelection campaign today. National Journal’s Alex Roarty points out that the ad blitz is “unusually early… even from a vulnerable incumbent,” but after his first few months on the campaign trail it’s no wonder that Mark Kirk has already hit the panic button.

Kirk has already managed to offend almost every bloc of voters in Illinois with his inflammatory and over-the-top rhetoric, and ranks in the top two Senate seats most likely to flip in 2016 in Washington Post, Politico, National Journal and The Hill.

Here’s a recap of some of Mark Kirk’s greatest hits:

  • As he and his party marched us to the brink of a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirk suggested that in the event of a shutdown, Republicans “should build a number of coffins outside each Democratic office.” That’s right – his solution to the impending shutdown was not to stand up to those in his own party, but rather to stage a grotesque political stunt.
  • After Republicans sneakily inserted anti-choice language into the human trafficking bill, Kirk compared Democrats who were standing strong on protecting women’s access to healthcare to slavery apologists from the 1800s.
  • Just last month, Kirk likened the emerging deal with Iran to Nazi appeasement and even name-checked Hitler.
  • And over the April recess, in an interview with the Peoria Journal Star, Kirk reinforced an offensive stereotype by saying that people drive faster through black neighborhoods and that more African-American billionaires was the solution.

“After Mark Kirk’s horrendous start to his reelection campaign, it’s no surprise that Republicans have turned the dial to full-on panic mode and resorted to an incredibly early ad blitz to try and distract voters from Kirk’s constant stream of inflammatory and over-the-top rhetoric,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Unfortunately for him, no amount of TV spending can erase Mark Kirk’s offensive remarks from the minds of voters or improve his dismal reelection prospects.”

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