NEW REPORTS: Senate Republicans Are Working With Their Big Pharma Allies To Oppose Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Drugmakers Are Assisting Republican Senators” As “Democrats’ Plan To Cap Consumer Insulin Costs Faces GOP Threat

A series of new reports reveal how Senate Republicans are working alongside their corporate Big Pharma allies to keep the costs of prescription drugs high by opposing provisions of the Build Back Better Act that would reduce the cost of insulin:

  • The Washington Postreported that “Senate Republicans are eyeing a procedural move to prevent the insulin cap…even if it means that some patients will go without relief.
  • HuffPost also reported that “Republicans may ask the Senate parliamentarian to rule that restrictions on what private insurers can charge for insulin falls outside the rules of budget reconciliation, the special legislative procedure Democrats are using to pass Build Back Better.”
  • And The Hill revealed that “drugmakers are assisting Republican senators” to prepare for their argument before the Senate Parliamentarian opposing Democrats’ efforts to cap the price of insulin. 

In response, DSCC spokeswoman Jazmin Vargas released the following statement:

“Senate Republicans are working hand in hand with their Big Pharma allies to oppose lowering the costs of medicine like insulin — all so that the GOP’s corporate backers can continue making record profits at hard working Americans’ expense. While Democrats are fighting to lower the costs of healthcare, Republicans are looking out for the rich, the powerful and big corporations who profit by making Americans pay higher prices — and in 2022 voters will hold every GOP Senate candidate accountable.”


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