OH GOP Senate Primary Heating Up, but Every Candidate Backs Toxic GOP Health Care Plan

It’s no surprise the Republican Senate primary in Ohio is heating up — as The Washington Post reported:

Republicans have struggled to recruit top candidates…[and] a lack of a clear leader is leading to a bunch of lower-tier candidates jumping into the race, which means Republicans could spend the next year in potentially expensive (and, in some cases, divisive) primaries.”  

But no matter who emerges from this developing intra-party brawl, every Republican candidate has one thing in common: they all back the GOP’s toxic health care agenda that would spike premiums, impose an age tax on older Americans, and strip away coverage for pre-existing conditions.

From David Bergstein, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman: “Republican recruitment failures are setting the stage for divisive, crowded GOP Senate primaries — but every potential GOP candidate backs a toxic health care agenda that will spike premiums by 20 percent, impose an age tax on older Americans, and strip away coverage for pre-existing conditions — all to give more tax breaks to big insurance companies and the wealthiest few. As this race develops we’re sure to hear exactly what these Republicans don’t like about each other — but they all agree on an expensive, unpopular health care agenda that will force working families to pay more for less care.”

See for yourself:

  • Mandel Said That He Believed “We Need To Repeal” And “Completely Scrap” The ACA, After Which He Said “We Can Have A Discussion Of What Comes Next And How It Should Be Replaced.” MANDEL: “I believe we need to repeal Obamacare. For 7 years there were politicians that campaigned on it and I think it’s important that we completely scrap Obamacare. Then at that point in time we can have a discussion of what comes next and how it should be replaced.” [KRC, Brian Thomas Morning Show, 7/26/17] (AUDIO)
  • Gibbons Supported The GOP Health Care Agenda And It “Still Needed To Happen.”“Gibbons also placed the blame for the current healthcare situation at Brown’s feet, saying repeal and replace still needed to happen.” [, 6/23/17]


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