Question to Ask GOP Senate Incumbents: Support Trump?

Donald Trump outdid himself yesterday with a vile proposal to institute a religious test that would ban all Muslims from entering the country. Despite Trump’s offensive and toxic campaign, some Republican Senators facing particularly tough races have gone so far as to say they’ll support Trump if he is the nominee. The question for them today is, will they still stand by that?

Take a look:

Senator Rob Portman “intends to” support Trump.

“Republicans have had to ponder how they’ll handle the possibility of Trump winning the race. Even the most prudent senators say they would back him in the general election. ‘I intend to,’ said Sen. Rob Portman (R), who faces a tough re-election in Ohio, a swing state and presidential battleground.” [The Hill, 9/14/15]

Senator Richard Burr will “absolutely” support Trump.

Reporter: “If Trump ends up being the nominee would you support him?” Burr: “Absolutely. I will support the nominee regardless of who it is, and I think that Americans are searching right now for solutions to problems that affect them every day. And I think trump has done a tremendous job highlighting those issues.” [News 14 Triangle, TWC News All Morning, 8/21/15]

Senator John McCain? “Oh yeah.”

Reporter: “Including Donald Trump? You would support him?” McCain: “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I would support the nominee of the party.” [McCain, ABC 15 Interview, 11/14/2015]

Senator Kelly Ayotte called Trump’s run “a positive thing.”

“Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire said Tuesday that Donald Trump running for president is ‘a positive thing’ because it gives people more choices.” [BuzzFeed, 6/17/15]

Senator Pat Toomey will benefit from Trump’s money.

“Pennsylvania’s Republican Party will feature Donald Trump as the guest at a New York City fundraiser, The party said it will spend the proceeds to help re-elect U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and to increase the party’s members in Pennsylvania’s U.S. House delegation and the state Legislature.” [Associated Press, 12/1/15]

“These Republican Senators need to answer whether they will still support Donald Trump, the current standard bearer of their party, if he wins the nomination and whether they still view his campaign as a positive thing,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “There’s no question that Trump is wreaking havoc on Republican Party, but what’s left to be seen is whether GOP candidates have the courage and independence to say ‘enough is enough.’”

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