Republican Meltdown In Colorado Continues

As the temperatures rise, Republicans in Colorado are in a full-on meltdown with accusations flying that potential Senate nominee and Attorney General Cynthia Coffman threatened and blackmailed the Chair of the state Republican Party in an effort to get him to step down. There goes hopes of recruiting her for a Senate run.

Meanwhile, sources are indicating that Mike Kopp, another of the GOP’s potential recruits is no longer considering a bid for Senate. Ouch.

Here’s a look at the brutal coverage that’s plaguing Republicans in Colorado right now:

KCNC: Infighting in Colorado Republican Party Impacting 2016 Elections

“I think it’s time for Attorney General Coffman and Congressman Tancredo to put up or shut up.” – Former State Republican Party Chair

KUSA: Coup Attempt Splits Republican Party in Colorado

He claims Cynthia Coffman and former Congressman Tom Tancredo threatened to spread claims that he cheated on his wife if he didn’t resign.

Roll Call: Colorado GOP Squabbles Complicate Bennet Challenge

A war between the Colorado Republican Party’s top brass is raising questions about whether the party can recruit a top-tier challenger needed to unseat Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in the state’s must-win U.S. Senate seat.

State Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, along with former Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., tried to oust state Republican Party Chairman Steve House, according to multiple local reports. The two reportedly threatened to reveal — what House said were false claims — that he cheated on his wife if he didn’t step down…

But Cynthia Coffman’s involvement in the state party dust-up likely takes her off the table as Republicans search for a challenger. And she’s the second potential recruit to receive negative headlines in the past few weeks.

Denver Post: AG Cynthia Coffman on Steve House: “There were no threats”

Coffman was one of three Republicans who talked with House Monday night in what he described was an “ambush” to get him to step down. He claims they threatened to publicly accuse of him of cheating on his wife, but former Congressman Tom Tancredo and Pueblo County GOP chair Becky Mizel, who also were at the meeting, said a variety of concerns were presented to House.

9 News: Tancredo denies parts of ‘coup’ accusation

“’Our state party chair basically just accused the state’s chief law enforcement officer of at least participating in, and possibly coordinating, an extortion scheme,” one source told 9NEWS. “Who cares if [House] actually had an affair or not?”

Politico: Colorado GOP rift deepens as party girds for 2016

This bloody scene could be painful for the party’s ability to deliver the state’s nine electoral votes for the GOP presidential nominee and seriously threaten Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s reelection, likely forcing national Republicans to work around them, multiple Colorado Republicans confirmed…

The apparent coup attempt damages Cynthia Coffman’s chances of running for Senate.

Aurora Sentinel: AG Coffman, Tancredo scorched by captivating political GOP House fire

The thing that makes this so compelling is that Coffman’s straight-shooter demeanor, which you can’t help but like, is morphing into a shot straight through the heart of her political career. Besides the freaking awesome headlines — “Coffman and Tancredo bring down the House in GOP political spectacle,” or, “Coffman badly burned by GOP House fire” — the story could get legs if House persists in saying that Coffman and Tancredo tried to extort him out of his job. Blackmail doesn’t look good on the résumé, especially out here.

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