Rubio Reiterates Anti-Choice Stance Applies Even to Women Infected with Zika

After Using Failed Zika Funding Measure to Attack Planned Parenthood, Rubio Now Says He Opposes Abortion Access for Women with Zika


On the one-year anniversary of Senator Marco Rubio’s declaration that he opposed a woman’s right to choose without exceptions for rape or incest and just two months since he used a failed Zika-funding measure to try to restrict funding for Planned Parenthood, Florida’s absentee Senator stated he also did not a support a woman’s right to abortion if she was infected with the Zika virus.


The Zika virus is particularly dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause a severe birth defect known as microcephaly. Rubio continues to stand with Senate Republicans and push a funding bill chock full of poison pills that restricts funding for family planning facilities. Here’s how his comments are playing:


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The Senate majority’s obstruction has left states like Florida – where the first U.S.-confirmed Zika cases emerged – without critical resources to fight the crisis.


“Marco Rubio will go to any extreme to deny women the ability to make their own healthcare decisions, and this weekend we learned that extends to women infected with Zika,” said DSCC press secretary Lauren Passalacqua. “It’s not just that he’s standing in the way of emergency resources to fight this health crisis, it’s that he’s now telling infected women that he doesn’t support their rights. Florida women and families need a Senator who will put their interests first, not Marco Rubio making their healthcare decisions for them.”

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