#ThrowbackThursday: Refresher on Justice’s Late Personal Financial Disclosure Ahead of Saturday Deadline

Jim Justice’s campaign has promised to file his late Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) by Saturday, September 23rd after missing the August 24th deadline, despite having nearly four months to complete it. 

Ahead of Saturday deadline’s, check out the coverage highlighting how Justice is hiding his scandal-plagued finances and potential conflicts of interests below:


  • WV MetroNews: Justice will take more time for his U.S. Senate financial disclosure. Jim Justice will take more time to disclose his finances to the U.S. Senate. Financial disclosures with the Senate are mandatory for members and candidates. Justice has now had 121 days since he first announced running for Senate — or 103 days since his Senate financial report was first due. His campaign, on Friday evening, said he’ll need more time because his finances are complicated.
  • Coal Valley News: Justice again delays US Senate financial disclosure. Gov. Jim Justice has again put off filing a required disclosure of his finances with the United States Senate, over three months since his disclosure was first due. Justice asked for and received a 90-day extension to file a financial disclosure report, something he’s required to do as a Senate candidate. The new due date for Justice’s report was Aug. 24. But Roman Stauffer, Justice’s Senate campaign manager, said Monday Justice would use what he called a 30-day “grace period” in the Senate Select Ethics Committee’s reporting requirements.

  • The Intelligencer: Justice-owned companies make deal with feds on late payments. Justice, who announced as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate at the end of April, was granted a 90-day extension to file his required financial disclosure report with the Senate, pushing Justice’s financial disclosure report deadline to Aug. 24. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a website,, aimed at chronicling these issues.
  • Weirton Daily Times: Bouncing checks: Justice’s finances focus of Senate race. Justice has become increasingly defensive and protective of his business empire’s financial information, seeking to limit what data can be provided in a federal legal proceeding, pushing off when his campaign has to file financial disclosure reports and urging media to not focus on his family’s businesses.
  • Coal Valley News: Justice must turn over financial documents amid $1.9 million debt case, judge says. The judge on Tuesday dismissed a claim from an attorney representing Justice that a 2018 order limiting disclosure of sensitive information sought by parties in the case wasn’t protective enough given his U.S. Senate candidacy launched in April. U.S. District Court … dismissed Justice counsel John Sensing’s stance in a court filing last week that the protective order “was not designed to protect the personal financial information of a candidate for the United States Senate in the lead up to one of the most politically charged elections in our nation’s history.” Justice last month was granted a three-month extension to file an annual public Senate financial disclosure report. Justice announced his candidacy on April 27, his 72nd birthday.
  • WV MetroNews: Justice got an extension for Senate financial disclosure, but campaign says he’ll file. Gov. Jim Justice’s campaign for U.S. Senate asked for and received an extension to file a required, public U.S. Senate Financial Disclosures report. Justice’s campaign now has until no later than August 24 to file the report following a 90-day extension. The confluence of Justice’s financial, political and legal demands has been a tricky balance in the public eye. Justice, concluding a news briefing this week, broadly said the financial performance of his family-owned companies is not fair game for media or political rivals. And in a long-standing court case over a $2 million judgment, Justice’s attorneys argued for special protections of his financial information because of his Senate run. Financial disclosures with the Senate are mandatory for members and candidates.

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