Senate GOP In Chaos As Trump Promises to Back Primary Challengers, Minority Leader McConnell’s Support From Republican Voters Erodes

Trump: “If Republican Senators Are Going To Stay With [McConnell], They Will Not Win Again…Where Necessary And Appropriate, I Will Back Primary Rivals”

Senate Republicans just got thrown into further turmoil as former President Donald Trump openly attacked Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and threatened to back GOP primary challengers in 2022, exacerbating a brutal civil war that is already dividing and destabilizing the party. In a lengthy statement today, Trump slammed McConnell’s “Beltway First agenda” including his opposition to increased direct relief checks, warned that “if Republican Senators are going to stay with [McConnell], they will not win again” and promised that he “will back primary rivals” wherever he deems it necessary and appropriate.

As McConnell has sought to distance the party from Trump, new Morning Consult polling released today revealed that “Republican voters have taken a dimmer view of most of their senators in recent months,” McConnell’s support among GOP voters has collapsed, and the basic acknowledgement of President Joe Biden’s victory and criticism of Trump’s conduct “preceded a weakening in state GOP voter support for many of the conference’s members.” Now, national Republicans are facing the looming threat of ugly Senate primaries that divide the party even more.

“Mitch McConnell created this political problem for himself by enabling Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party for years, and now he’s pointing fingers after losing the majority,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “These two toxic Republicans are embroiled in an all-out battle that is poised to endanger weak incumbents, jeopardize vulnerable open seats, and lead to messy and expensive primary fiascos across the country.”


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