WATCH: Ernst Refuses to Oppose Republican Lawsuit to End Pre-Existing Conditions Protections

Ernst on GOP lawsuit: “Um, I am not going to make a determination on that, I am not an attorney”

Senate Republicans are continuing to squirm under pressure on the dangerous GOP lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and end coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. In a recent Iowa TV interview, Republican Senator Joni Ernst was asked point blank about where she stood on the ACA lawsuit and she refused to oppose it, saying only: “Um, I am not going to make a determination on that, I am not an attorney.” Ernst also refused to agree with the idea that health care is a right.

Watch the painful exchange on health care here:

Ernst Dodged A Question About Why She Is Not Defending The Affordable Care Act While Admitting That The GOP’s Lawsuit “Could Potentially Dismantle The ACA.” HOST: “You are among the sponsors of legislation that does have to do with health care. Its stated intent is to protect insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions.” ERNST: “Absolutely.” HOST: “What do you say to people, though, who maintain that’s not necessary because it already exists in the Affordable Care Act? Why not just defend the Affordable Care Act?” ERNST: “Well, in today’s day and age, we do see a lawsuit moving forward that could potentially dismantle the ACA. And so if that happens, we need to make sure that we’re reiterating that pre-existing conditions will be covered in any future insurance actions.” [WHBF, 4/28/19]

Ernst Would Not Say Whether She Supported The Ongoing Lawsuit That Would Dismantle The ACA Altogether. HOST: “Do you support that lawsuit that is going forward that would dismantle the Affordable Care Act altogether?” ERNST: “Um, I am not going to make a determination on that, I am not an attorney, but I would say that yes, I would like to see different forms of health care coverage that exist out there that would bring costs down. I do want to see that addressed.” [WHBF, 4/28/19]

When Asked If She Believed Health Care Was A Right, Ernst Would Only Say She Believed “Everyone Should Have Access To Health Care.” HOST: “Do you believe health care is a right?” ERNST: “I believe everyone should have access to health care.” [WHBF, 4/28/19]


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