Will Pat Toomey Meet with the Supreme Court Nominee?

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With other vulnerable incumbents doubling down on Mitch McConnell’s pledge to obstruct the constitutional process, will Senator Pat Toomey stand with Washington Republicans and refuse to meet with the President’s Supreme Court nominee? Toomey was asked today, and immediately ducked the question, and Pennsylvanians deserve to know where he stands. He quickly embraced Mitch McConnell’s unprecedented obstruction already, saying there should be no hearing because it “might mislead the American people into thinking that this is just about the qualifications of the candidate,” and that having the longest vacancy on the Supreme Court in history is “not that big of a deal.”

Toomey’s already losing the court public opinion. He was roundly criticized by editorials in Pennsylvania, and new polling confirms that his obstruction will make his reelection “even harder this fall if they don’t change their tune”:

  • 57 percent of Pennsylvania voters think that the Supreme Court vacancy should be filled this year;
  • 76 percent of voters think that Senators should wait to see who the nominee is before deciding to whether to confirm that person;
  • 67 percent of Republican voters think the nominee deserves a chance before senators decide whether or not to confirm; and
  • Just 29 percent of voters approve of the job Toomey is doing.

“Pat Toomey’s Supreme Court obstructionism is spotlighting his commitment to Washington Republicans at the expense of Pennsylvania,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “His record of voting with his party 94 percent of the time has already hurt him in Pennsylvania, and now voters are right to ask if their senator will meet with the nominee or stand with his party.”

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