Ron Johnson Blames “Job Interviews And Stuff” For Inaction on Whistleblower VA Complaints

After a week of bad press for Ron Johnson following a report detailing a shocking lack of action after VA whistleblower complaints were brought to the attention of his office, Johnson tried to save face during a recent radio interview.

His excuse for his appalling lack of response? His staff was busy “doing job interviews and stuff.”

From Talking Points Memo:

“So, sure, in a perfect world, had this not occurred during an election cycle, when we were in recess, during the lame duck session, when there’s an awful lot of turnover in offices, when people maybe are looking at, you know, doing job interviews and stuff,” Johnson continued. “In a perfect world, sure, they would have been able to – without having the report, and not, as a result, understanding the severity of the situation – might have divined that hey this is something important that we ought to bring to Senator Johnson’s attention.”

“Ron Johnson is desperately trying nearly every excuse in the book to explain why his office failed to respond to VA whistleblower complaints instead of taking responsibility for his failures,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Sadie Weiner. “It’s bad enough that Johnson sat on the whistleblower complaints and then intentionally misled the public, but his refusal to step up and take responsibility is unconscionable. Wisconsin veterans deserve a Senator whose staff can conduct job interviews and do constituent casework at the same time, not someone like Ron Johnson who would rather blame everything under the sun for his failings.”


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