“A Hell Of A Case Of Why We Need To Come Out,” Democratic Strategist Antjuan Seawright Stresses Importance Of Black Voter Turnout In November Following Passage Of Inflation Reduction Act

A day after Senate Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, Democratic strategist and CBS News political contributor Antjuan Seawright joined Keepin’ It Real With Rev. Al Sharpton on SiriusXM Urban View to discuss the impact the legislation will have on Black communities and the importance Black voter turnout to expanding the Democratic Senate majority in November.


Keepin’ It Real with Reverend Al Sharpton
Part 1, Part 2
August 8, 2022

  • We would not be in this posture or position if it wasn’t for Black voters, African American voters in the state of Georgia, who turned out in record numbers to give us two United States Senators from the state of Georgia… That’s why when we say we have to keep showing up to the ballot box election after election, this weekend’s vote is a prime example of why because this arguably will be the most consequential piece of legislation that’s been ushered through the United States Senate, under Joe Biden’s watch, and that’s a big thanks to us having the majority.
  • When I think about the record investment is going to make in climate and protecting our god-given resources, when I think about how it’s going to finally hold the wealthiest corporations accountable and make them pay their fair share, when I think about what is going to mean for clean energy and transportation, and create jobs and jobs that will qualify in our community as game changers that will create generational wealth – that’s why I’m so excited.
  • We can make a real compare and contrast to the Republican Party voting against capping insulin –  a life saving drug – capping that at $35, the Republican Party are on record voting against that and I think that is an awesome opportunity for us to help define these midterms. I’m also excited about the fact that our party is continuing to invest like the DSCC, the DCCC, the DNC, into black voters early and often because they know when black voters show up, we win and that’s why we have to keep showing up.
  • For the first time, I think, in my political lifetime, not [just] one of our committees…the DNC is making record vestments in a midterm at the earliest to ever have before, because we know the importance of this vote. And the same thing that Senator Peters is doing with the DSCC, and the same thing with Sean Patrick Maloney and the DCCC. So I don’t think you will find anybody in this party is naive or taking any constituency for granted, in particular black voters.
  • Racism is now couched or made up as patriotism by the other party. People have gotten sophisticated with how they say things, how to implement things, and the way they approach things. They’re unapologetic… about what they write, and what they say and what they tweet. And unfortunately, that red meat toned down right wing rhetoric… is the calling card for the Republican Party.
  • Until we start holding people accountable for their words and their deeds, this idea of that type of behavior is going to continue to exist. I look at just some of the folks that are being nominated on the other side… those who are repeating race theories and so forth, like the candidate in Wisconsin that our friend Mandela Barnes is running against, Senator Ron Johnson, and so many others – that is now the mood and the tone of the Republican Party, and they’re embracing that.


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