DSCC Announces $10 Million Voter Protection Campaign: “Defend The Vote”

“Defend The Vote” is earliest commitment to comprehensive voter protection programs in the DSCC’s history

Today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is announcing an initial $10 million commitment to a new voter protection program: “Defend The Vote.” The campaign marks the earliest announcement of a comprehensive voter protection program in the DSCC’s history. 

“Republicans have launched an unprecedented campaign to restrict voting rights, but we are fighting back — and the DSCC will use every tool at our disposal to protect Americans’ right to participate in our democracy,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Sen. Gary Peters. “This early, historic commitment to voter protection is critical to our work defending and expanding Democrats’ Senate Majority, and the ‘Defend The Vote’ campaign will help ensure Democrats have the legal and battleground infrastructure we need to defend American’s voting rights and win races across the country.” 

During the 2022 campaign cycle, the “Defend The Vote” campaign will fight back against GOP voter suppression in U.S. Senate campaigns through three central programs:  

  • Tracking and highlighting Republican voter suppression initiatives in Senate battleground states; 
  • Litigation; 
  • And funding for on-the-ground voter protection staff in coordinated campaigns.

The DSCC is announcing an initial $10 million commitment today, and additional funding could be added as the cycle continues. 


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