DSCC Endorses Sara Gideon in Maine Senate Campaign

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, issued the following statement announcing the committee’s endorsement of Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate in Maine:

“Sara Gideon has proven that she will listen to and fight for all Mainers by bringing people together to lift up hardworking families and refusing to let partisanship and politics stand in the way of progress. In the Senate, Sara will build on her impressive record to bring down health care costs, combat the opioid epidemic, and boost economic opportunities — and she’ll always answer to her constituents. Mainers can trust Sara to fight for them, and we look forward to supporting her campaign.”

Top recruit” Sara Gideon launched her campaign “days after wrapping up a legislative session filled with progressive victories” with a message about putting Maine first that drew more than two million views. Watch her announcement video here.

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