A SNAKE AND A LIAR – NEW DSCC ADS SLAM HERSCHEL’ & OZ. The DSCC today released two new ads in the Georgia and Pennsylvania Senate races: In Georgia, “Cacophony” features news footage highlighting Walker’s long pattern of troubling behavior and lies, and in Pennsylvania, “Snake” focuses on how Oz is like a snake who will do, say, and sell anything to help himself – no matter who gets hurt.

WATCH: “Cacophony

WATCH: “Snake

  • NBC News: Democrats unload on Walker in new Georgia attack ad. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching a new TV ad in Georgia on Friday ripping into Republican candidate Herschel Walker. The ad, called ‘Cacophony,’ relies on news footage to highlight Walker’s tumultuous past, covering allegations of ‘domestic violence’ against him, with a reporter at one point saying: ‘Walker took out his anger by punching a hole in the door.’”

DSCC CHAIRMAN SENATOR GARY PETERS REMINDS VOTERS WHAT’S AT STAKE THIS ELECTION. DSCC Chair Senator Gary Peters sat down with ELLE to discuss his family’s personal experience with abortion while also highlighting “why you still must vote this November.” 

“THE MOST HEINOUS, ATROCIOUS ANSWER THAT DR. OZ COULD HAVE POSSIBLY UTTERED.” Voters are reading and watching a wave of news coverage highlighting “Dr. Oz’s awful answer on abortion” – slamming his call for ‘local political leaders’ to be involved in abortion decisions as “the most heinous, atrocious answer,” a “scary proposition for women,” and a gaffe that is “going to haunt” Oz’s campaign.

  • CNN: Dr. Oz’s awful answer on abortion. “Democrats quickly criticized Oz’s ‘local leaders’ idea, blasting him as deeply out of touch with women and the very personal decision they make when they opt to have an abortion…  Now, Oz is making his own headlines – and not in a good way.”

… AND DEMS WASTE NO TIME BLASTING OZ’S DISASTROUS DEBATE ANSWERS. Fetterman’s campaign released a new ad focusing on Dr. Oz’s dangerous answer on abortion, and the DSCC is out with a video on his out-of-touch admission that he thinks his Senate campaign is just like “a television show.” Pennsylvania leaders also held a press conference to “blast Oz.”


THANKS OBAMA – DSCC INCREASES ITS VOTER EDUCATION ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN WITH THE HELP OF FORMER PRES. The DSCC increased its previously announced voter education advertising campaign in Pennsylvania, and will now spend over seven figures on digital advertising informing Pennsylvanians about how they can vote in the 2022 election – including a newad featuring former President Barack Obama reminding Pennsylvanians to vote in this year’s midterm elections.

  • Axios: First look: Obama cuts ad for Pennsylvania Democrats. “Former President Barack Obama cut an ad for Democrats in Pennsylvania ahead of his plans to barnstorm the key battleground state with President Biden in the days before the midterm elections.”

MORE SCANDALOUS THAN THE REAL HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISES – MULTI-MILLIONAIRE JOHNSON USED LOOPHOLE TO AVOID STATE TAXES. A new report revealed that multi-millionaire Ron Johnson’s family trust used a loophole to avoid paying state taxes since 2016 – and that his company also did not pay any state taxes for the last several years. It’s no surprise since Johnson has a “long history of voting for regressive tax laws that benefit himself.” 

  • American Independent: Ron Johnson has a long history of voting for regressive tax laws that benefit himself. “A trust fund created by Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson and his wife went from paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes annually to the state of Wisconsin to contributing zero dollars a year since 2016, ABC News affiliate WKOW in Madison reported on Monday. This fits a long pattern by Johnson of trying to pay as little as possible in taxes.”


  • AP: Walker’s chicken firm tied to benefits from unpaid labor.An Associated Press review of federal court cases, alongside other public records and statements, offers a more complicated reality. One instance at the heart of Walker’s business portfolio suggests he has benefited, through a firm he touts as a principal partner and supplier, from the unpaid labor of drug offenders routed from state courts to residential rehabilitation programs in lieu of prison.”

NOT YOUR BUDDY – NEW REPORT REVEALS BUDD SWINDLED TAR HEEL FARMERS. A bombshell report finds that Congressman Ted Budd faced newly revealed allegations of fraud related to his involvement in a bankruptcy proceedings that left farmers out more than $50 million.

BEND THE KNEE – MASTERS CAUGHT ON TAPE WITH TRUMP PUSHING THE BIG LIE. New video revealed that Donald Trump called Masters and scolded him for going “soft” on 2020 election denialism, saying he was going to “lose that base.” Then, just days later on the first day of Early Voting in Arizona, Masters appeared on Fox News and took Trump’s advice, doubling down on baseless election conspiracies, saying “I still believe it, that’s for sure.”

PANTS ON FIRE – BOLDUC SLAMMED AS THE “BIGGEST ELECTION DENIER” AS HE DOUBLES DOWN ON FALSE FRAUD CLAIMS. Don Bolduc continues to flounder in New Hampshire, getting called out this week as the “biggest election denier” as he “stokes unfounded election fraud claims.”

  • New Hampshire Union Leader: Hassan: Bolduc biggest election denier in NH history.“‘He believes that elections either go his way, or they are, by definition, stolen and should be overturned,’ Hassan said. ‘We have simply not seen anything like this in a Senate race in New Hampshire history. Before any ballots have been counted, Don Bolduc is claiming that this election may be stolen.’”
  • Washington Post: Bolduc Stokes Unfounded Election Fraud Claims During Debate. “‘What you just heard from Don Bolduc is a continued to attempt to stoke the ‘big lie,’ Hassan said. ‘He has traveled around this state for over a year now, stoking the big lie that 2020 was stolen. He has said he’s been casting doubt on whether this election is something that he will accept by suggesting even last week that there would be big ballot dumps election night. He said that as a senator, if the 2024 election doesn’t go through his preferred candidate, he would work to overturn the election.’”

SIGN SEALED DELIVERED – SENATOR CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO CASTS HER BALLOT, SLAM’S LAXALT. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto cast her ballot at the East Las Vegas Library alongside first-time and new American voters. The senator also hit the campaign trail ahead of early voting, where she stood alongside Republicans to blast Laxalt for peddling election lies.

  • Reno Gazette Journal: Republicans join Cortez Masto to call out Laxalt for election denial. “There should be consequences for people who undermine our democracy and peddle the Big Lie and conspiracy theories and who are only out for themselves on the backs of other people, including Nevadans. So it is time for us to get out and show who we are as a state and that we will not tolerate them.”

👀ICYMI: American Independent: McConnell-tied super PAC ads present same person as outraged Nevadan and Georgian👀

→ Dems Invest In America’s Infrastructure.
Senate Democrats like Senator Michael Bennet are keeping their promise to grow millions of good-paying jobs here at home by investing in our nation’s roads, highways, bridges, and clean drinking water through Senate Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

  • The Pueblo Chieftain: Local leaders and U.S. senators celebrate $60 million for Arkansas Valley Conduit. “The $60 million federal allocation from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package represents approximately 10% of the total estimated cost of the project. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat up for re-election in November, said the newly injected funds bring the total contribution from D.C. to the project up to $140 million.”


AZ – Arizona Republic: ‘I get it’: Sen. Mark Kelly says he understands inflation pain, pushes for action. “Sen. Mark Kelly said… he understands consumer pain and has taken steps to bring down prices and hold corporations accountable for their role in it.”

CO – Colorado Times Recorder: He Swiftly Ushers Me Away From O’Dea and Out the Door. “The press aide asks who I represent. As soon as I say that I’m writing for The Times Recorder, his face hardens and he swiftly ushers me away from his candidate and out the door. He makes it clear the publication is offensive to him.”

FL – Orlando Sentinel (Opinion): As a young Cuban American, I have a Marco Rubio problem.“I’m tired of it. I’m tired of my people being manipulated by cynical empty suits like Rubio who hold public office only as an avenue to advance themselves at their career at the expense of everyone else. Cuban-Americans, and Floridians, deserve so much better than this.”

NC – WGHP: Former President Obama endorses Cheri Beasley in North Carolina’s Senate race. “‘Cheri works hard,’ Obama said in the ad. ‘She’s honest. And most importantly, she always puts people first.’”

NH – Keene Sentinel: Hassan makes case for second term in US Senate.“‘I’ve worked across the aisle on a number of issues, but some of the things that I’ve really been focused the most on are expanding high-speed Internet to every community in this state, making sure that we fix our roads and bridges, boosting manufacturing and innovation and making sure that we support our veterans.”

NH – New Hampshire Union Leader: Hassan releases vets coalition. “‘Senator Hassan has been a steady advocate for veterans like me — from expanding access to health care to improving programs that help our transition to civilian life. I’m proud to support the Senator’s reelection because I know she’ll continue to stand by the veterans community,’ Timmons said.”

OH – (Opinion): Despite his slick dissembling, J.D. Vance cannot hide his extremist views. “There’s something deeply disturbing about J.D. Vance.”

PA – Centre Daily Times: Centre County doctors share ‘deep concern’ about Mehmet Oz as Pennsylvania Senator. “More than 10 doctors from around Centre County participated in a ‘Real Doctors Against Oz’ tour stop in State College Monday, hosted by John Fetterman’s senate campaign. The tour is led by Pennsylvania medical professionals who don’t trust Dr. Mehmet Oz and say he poses a threat to Pennsylvanians, according to a release from Fetterman’s campaign.”


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