SENATE DEMOCRATS STAND WITH THE PEOPLE UKRAINE. Democrats stand with the people of Ukraine against this appalling and unprovoked attack by Russia. Putin will be held accountable and bear the consequences of his choice to make war against Ukraine.

​​NEW: DSCC CHAIR GARY PETERS’ STATEMENT ON SCOTUS NOMINEE JUDGE KETANJI BROWN JACKSON: “Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic nomination to become the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court reinforces the stakes of this year’s election – and why we must defend and expand our Democratic Senate majority with the power to confirm Supreme Court justices. Protecting Roe v. Wade, coverage for pre-existing conditions, workers’ rights and so many other issues central to the lives of every American are all on the line. Republicans have shown they will use every tired and offensive excuse to try and block our nominee, but voters will stand with Democrats in confirming Judge Jackson and in November.”

SENATE REPUBLICANS UNVEIL “SINGLE STUPIDEST PLATFORM ANYONE HAS EVER PUT IN WRITING,” RAISING TAXES ON MILLIONS OF AMERICANS. Senate Republicans unveiled their policy agenda for the midterm elections this week: “raising taxes on more than a hundred million Americans” – including many seniors.

Now they’re in the midst of a brutal news-cycle highlighting how Senate Republicans’ tax-hike plan is handing Democrats “an economic hammer to swing” at the GOP and “saddling Republican candidates in the midterms with a tax hike on tens of millions of… Americans.” See what they’re saying here, here, here, and below:

  • POLITICO: Scott’s ‘Rescue America’ plan falls flat. “Sen. Rick Scott’s new ‘11 Point Plan to Rescue America’ didn’t quite receive the enthusiastic reception he was counting on. Democrats and op-ed columnists jeered Tuesday at the conservative blueprint that, in part, proposed raising income taxes on low-income Americans. But GOP Senate campaigns didn’t want to touch it either.”

Lawrence O’Donnell: “Because Rick Scott is not good at thinking, he has given Republicans the single stupidest platform anyone has ever put in writing — including massive tax increases on most Americans, including senior citizens living on Social Security”

AND “DEMOCRATS POUNCE” – DSCC LAUNCHES FIVE-FIGURE RADIO AD BLASTING SENATE REPUBLICANS’ TAX-HIKE PLAN. Less than 24 hours after Senate Republicans unveiled their plan the DSCC launched a new radio ad to make sure voters know that if Senate Republicans win, we pay the price.


  • MSNBC: Democrats pounce on Republican leader’s proposed tax increase.The 15-second ad itself is pretty straightforward: “This just in, Republicans have released their plan if they win the Senate,” the script reads. “It’s to raise taxes on over 50 percent of Americans, including many seniors and working families. If Republicans win, we’ll pay the price.”

STATE PARTIES RESPOND: REPUBLICAN SENATE CANDIDATES MUST ANSWER FOR THEIR PARTY’S AGENDA. ​​Across the Senate battlegrounds, Democrats are holding Republican candidates accountable for their party’s tax-hike agenda by “tying GOP Senate candidates in those states to Scott’s agenda.”

  • The Hill: Scott’s agenda spurs backlash from Democrats. “Numerous state Democratic parties, including in Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio, released statements tying GOP Senate candidates in those states to Scott’s agenda, particularly his call for all Americans to pay income taxes.”

KELLY CAMPAIGN HITS THE AIRWAVES FOCUSED ON “LOWERING EVERYDAY COSTS.” This week Mark Kelly launched the first ad of his re-election campaign, “Paycheck to Paycheck,” in which he talks about his own families’ experience facing a financial squeeze and talks about his work to lower costs for Arizonans.

WATCH “Paycheck to Paycheck” HERE:

NEW YORK TIMES ON MCCORMICK’S MAGA MAKEOVER – HIS “WORK FOR A HEDGE FUND THAT WAS CLOSELY LINKED TO CHINA HAS MADE IT DIFFICULT.” In case you missed it, the New York Times highlighted this week how McCormick’s floundering attempt to undergo a “MAGA makeover” is being complicated by his ties to China. 

→ New York Times: The Art of the MAGA Makeover.

  • “Until recently, McCormick was CEO of Bridgewater Associates, a hedge fund whose fieldstone-and-glass headquarters are on a wooded, 22-acre campus in Westport, Conn.”
  • “It’s a world away from Pennsylvania cities like Scranton, McKeesport and Aliquippa, which have been hit hard by the kinds of shifts in global trade that Bridgewater’s traders and analysts seek to monetize each day.”
  • “When China succeeds, America succeeds,” McCormick wrote in a 2007 paper published in an economic journal. “The United States must also avoid the siren song of protectionism.”
  • “The campaign of Mehmet Oz, one of his Senate primary rivals, better known as Dr. Oz, has aired an ad accusing him of ‘selling us out’ as a Wall Street executive and criticizing his China ties.” 


NEVADA LATINO SMALL BUSINESSES SLAM LAXALT, PRAISE SEN. CORTEZ MASTO. After Adam Laxalt said it was “good news” that Latino small businesses never reopened during the pandemic, Nevada small business owners slammed the Republican candidate – and praised Senator Cortez Masto for securing critical pandemic relief for Nevadans.

Las Vegas Sun: “The reason we are able to open is thanks to Sen. Cortez (Masto),” said Luis Istas, who does public relations for the Mexican restaurant La Vecinidad: Pico De Gallo in the Historic Commercial Center District. “We are very thankful. She helped us with the emergency relief during the height of the pandemic.”

Telemundo: Un grupo de propietarios latinos de empresas pequeñas reclamaron al fiscal general Adam Laxalt ya que aseguran que ha atacado a los negocios pequeños de Nevada durante su campaña para el Senado. El grupo de propietarios denuncia que Laxalt dijo durante una entrevista que eran “buenas noticias” que las “empresas pequeñas de hispanos nunca reabrieron.”

RUBIO RIPPED BY LOCAL EDITORIAL BOARD – “HIS TIME SHOULD BE UP.” Marco Rubio is once again under fire from a home-state paper – this time it’s the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board telling Florida voters that the senator doesn’t “deserve six more years.”

  • Sun Sentinel (Editorial Board): Rubio shows up, then reminds us his time should be up. “Florida senior Sen. Marco Rubio has made himself seen and heard a lot lately — unfortunately… But the more he opens his mouth, the less he appears to deserve six more years.”

NEW REPORTS: MO’ PRIMARY, MO’ PROBLEMS FOR GOP IN NC. New reporting from National Journal and North Carolina’s The Assembly highlight how the extended NC Republican primary has created more time for the GOP candidates to attack each other and has left McCrory “trying to find his footing” – all while Democrat Cheri Beasley has “cleared her primary field.”

  • The Assembly: Pat McCrory’s New Game. “The former Charlotte mayor and governor considers himself a Reagan Republican and believes in ‘constructive conservatism.’ Now, as he runs for the U.S. Senate against a Trump-endorsed candidate, the ground has shifted—and he’s trying to find his footing.”

TWO THINGS THE ARIZONA GOP PRIMARY FIELD WON’T WIN: A SPELLING BEE & A SENATE SEAT. Arizona’s Republican Senate candidates got called out this week after multiple candidates misspelled Tucson – the second largest city in the state. Free advice: learn how to spell the name of a city you are seeking to represent.

  • Tucson Weekly: GOP Senate Candidates Can’t Seem To Spell Tucson Correctly. “Why are Republican Senate candidates having such a hard time spelling ‘Tucson’ correctly? […] The Masters campaign did not respond to a request for comment from Tucson Weekly. Maybe if we’d spelled it Tuscon Weekly, they would have gotten back to us?”

WHERE IS WALKER? HERSCHEL CHOOSES CLOSED DOOR TRUMP FUNDRAISER OVER GEORGIA VOTERS. Walker continues to avoid Georgia voters – canceling what would have been a rare meet and greet with Georgians after Donald Trump invited him to a closed-press, high-dollar fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago.


→ Warnock Introduces Mental Health Legislation. Senator Warnock was back in Georgia this week during the Senate recess period to discuss his new legislation focused on tackling the mental health crisis.

→ Democrats working to lower costs, improve supply chains. This week U.S. ports received $450 million in funding from Senate Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law “to ease supply chain congestion and lower prices.” Senate Democrats continue to work toward addressing voters’ most pressing priorities like lowering costs for American families. 


FL – Florida Politics: Val Demings slams Marco Rubio’s silence on Rick Scott tax hike plan. “‘Marco Rubio’s party boss is planning to hike taxes on Florida’s working-class and senior citizens, and he’s going along with it. Because Marco Rubio is too cowardly to stand up to the politicians and special interests that tell him what to do,’ Demings asserted.”

GA – Atlanta Journal Constitution: Raphael Warnock showcases independent streak in battle for second term. “His mental health plan would establish federal grant programs to help schools hire mental health counselors and boost access to mental health services. And a third measure Warnock introduced this month targets ‘special corporate interests’ by capping out-of-pocket costs of insulin for diabetics.”

NH- Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Senator Maggie Hassan meets with manufacturers to discuss supply chain issues and upcoming legislationIn a round table at Cirtronics Corporation in Milford earlier this month, Hassan met with several manufacturers, including representatives of MilliporeSigma in Jaffrey, to talk about their ongoing challenges – including supply chain delays. During the roundtable, Hassan introduced and spoke about for the first time a Senate bill she was working on to support manufacturers of technologies such as semiconductors, military technology, solar panels, medical devices and biotechnology.”

NV – Nevada Current: Nevada Senate candidate takes his campaign to sunny Florida.“Adam Laxalt is a Republican running for U.S. Senate in Nevada, and this is a huge week for him. In Florida.”

NC – Politics NC: Pat McCrory Unintentionally Flaunts His Ignorance of Economics. “Unfortunately for the only North Carolina governor ever to lose reelection, Pat McCrory’s knowledge of his signature subject is as threadbare as his ability to run a state.”

OH – Columbus Dispatch: Donald Trump doesn’t want to back a loser in Ohio Senate race. But he hasn’t found a winner. “Most contenders in the GOP primary have made Trump a central part of their campaigns, and it’s no secret that they desperately want his endorsement. But associates of the former president say he has issues with everyone in the field, from questions of loyalty to concerns about their ability to win a general election.”

PA – Lancaster Online: Two wealthy Pa. Republicans unleash TV ad blitz in race for party’s Senate nomination. “Super PACs are spending millions more to bloody the two biggest spenders, McCormick and Oz.”


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