DSCC Launches Digital Facebook and Twitter Ads Against Kelly Ayotte After Vote To Leave Open Terrorist Gun Loophole

Ad Buy Part of Sustained Campaign Highlighting Ayotte’s Attempts to Rewrite Her Record

The DSCC is launching a new digital ad campaign to highlight Kelly Ayotte’s attempts to rewrite her record, just days after the Senator tried to mislead New Hampshire about her position on closing the terrorist gun loophole. As Senator Ayotte faces an uphill re-election battle, she knows that the only way to save her political career is to try to cover up her damaging votes against New Hampshire.

Last week, Ayotte voted against a commonsense measure that would prevent known or suspected terrorists from legally purchasing guns in the United States. And like clockwork, Ayotte immediately tried to distort her vote by touting her support for an irresponsible sham amendment that’s been called a watered down alternate Republicans had offered for political cover.”

As Ayotte continues to vote against New Hampshire’s best interests, the DSCC will highlight Ayotte’s frantic attempts to rewrite her record. See the digital ads below, which will begin appearing on Facebook and Twitter today:

“After voting to keep the terrorist gun loophole open, Kelly Ayotte now claims she wants it closed – well, we’re making sure New Hampshire voters get the truth,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Faced with a tough reelection, she’s frantically trying to rewrite her record and deceive Granite Staters about her many votes against their interests, and these ads are just the beginning of our work to highlight the facts on the Ayotte record.”

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