DSCC Statement on David McCormick Entering “Chaotic” PA GOP Senate Primary & New Digital Video

The Washington Examiner: Hedge fund executive David McCormick…faces attacks over China ties.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Bunch: McCormick isn’t as sexy as rival Mehmet Oz, just more dangerous.

Today Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Patrick Burgwinkle released the following statement, and the DSCC released a new digital video on the PA GOP Primary, “The GOP’s Messy PA Senate Primary”:

“McCormick’s announcement makes the chaotic, vicious and expensive GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania even worse. McCormick’s Republican rivals are already calling him out as an outsourcer who sent Pennsylvania jobs to China, a Wall Street CEO who profited at the expense of working families and yet another carpetbagger with no real connection to the commonwealth. With attacks like these already flying, the GOP’s primary is sure to drain Republicans’ resources and demonstrate the deep flaws in every one of their candidates.” 


Here’s what they’re saying about the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary and corporate hedge fund executive David McCormick:

  • Politico: McCormick MAGA-proofs his Senate campaign after dissing Trump. “McCormick has been quoted bashing populism, celebrating skilled immigration and even warning about the potential drawbacks of an ‘America First’ mindset. A former hedge fund CEO, he’s overseen more than $1 billion in investments in China… ‘It’s almost insurmountable,’ said Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.), an Oz backer, referring to McCormick’s past comments on Trump.”  
  • Washington Examiner: Hedge fund executive David McCormick, eyeing Pennsylvania Senate bid, faces attacks over China ties. Over the past few years, under McCormick’s stewardship, the firm has significantly increased its investment in China amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington. That could be a sore point with Pennsylvania’s Republican base… ‘McCormick’s hedge fund ties to China will make him suspect and susceptible to criticism,’ Jeffrey Brauer, a political science professor at Keystone College, said Wednesday. ‘Connections to China do not play well in Pennsylvania.’”
  • New York Post: Pa. Senate GOP primary fight over ‘savior’ candidate’s business record “‘McCormick made his fortune by destroying the lives of patriotic Pennsylvanians and shipping their jobs away to China and India for cheap labor,’ a GOP operative involved in the primary told The Post. ‘Even worse, his firm Bridgewater Capital has billions of dollars invested in Communist China.’”
  • The Hill: GOP grapples with chaotic Senate primary in Pennsylvania. “The Senate GOP primary in Pennsylvania has become a free-for-all…. Now, the party is again contending with an unsettled field as big personalities — with big money behind them — make late entries into arguably the country’s most significant Senate race….Neither Oz nor McCormick is without baggage, leaving existing primary candidates — and Democrats — ready to pounce.”


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