“Flawed” & “Terrible”: TV Segments Highlight How GOP Senate Candidates Are Worrying Republicans

This week multiple TV segments are highlighting Republicans’ growing concerns over their flawed candidates in Senate races across the map. See for yourself: 

From MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Mika Brzezinski: “The big issue is finding decent candidates. According to the Washington Post Republican struggles to settle on candidates have left some wondering whether the party will blow its big chance to retake the US Senate…the Post continues competitive primaries elsewhere have pushed the debate in the Republican Party far outside the comfort zone of general election strategists as the candidates fall over each other to indulge former President Donald Trump’s election conspiracy theories.”

From MSNBC’s DEADLINE: White House

Nicolle Wallace: “When it comes to some of the party’s leading candidates for Senate, the Washington Post reports: some Republican strategists are concerned their party may blow it.”

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