GOP Bill Fails Working Americans, Hospitals — Senate Democrats Will Continue Fighting For Them

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to jam through a nearly $2 trillion partisan stimulus bill that – at this stage – does not have the necessary protections for working Americans, relief for hospitals, or measures to ensure transparency and accountability in the relief programs. As negotiations continue, Democrats are focused on meeting the magnitude of these urgent health care and economic challenges. 

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokeswoman Lauren Passalacqua released the following statement:

“It’s wrong for Republicans in the Senate to exploit a national crisis to benefit corporations and balk at providing the relief working Americans and communities in distress need. Senate Democrats will continue fighting for hospitals and other public health infrastructure, key protections for workers, and clear rules to prevent industries that receive federal aid from abusing that taxpayer money to buy back corporate stock or boost CEO pay. The question for Republicans in the Senate is why they’re only willing to fight for big corporate interests and not their constituents.”


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The fact that Republicans in Washington are making it harder for millions of Americans who have just lost their job…

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