Joe Heck’s Warm Welcome for Donald Trump

Donald Trump may have just recently arrived in Nevada for tonight’s presidential debate, but Congressman Joe Heck’s been rolling out the Trump welcome mat for weeks. Heck embraced Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship, has gone out of his way to avoid any criticism of the presidential frontrunner’s call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and will not rule out supporting Trump should he win the GOP nomination.

Heck “came down with a case of Trump-itis” by saying ending Birthright Citizenship “should be a part of the discussion”

Last week, the Republican congressman even came down with a case of Trump-itis. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Thursday that birthright citizenship should be on the table in the broader dialogue about immigration reform. […]

“I think [birthright citizenship] needs to be part of the discussion,” Heck said. “People want to talk about immigration reform so if we’re going to talk about immigration reform, then let’s talk about all aspects of immigration reform. Let’s come up with a system of immigration that works for Americans. So I think it should be part of the discussion.”

Heck’s Tepid Response on Trump’s Outrageous Muslim Ban

When asked, Congressman Heck would say only through a spokesperson that he “does not agree with the remarks.” Just yesterday, the Congressman attended a convention sponsored by the anti-Islamic organization Trump cited in his call for the discriminatory policy.

Heck Won’t Say If He’ll Support Presidential Nominee Trump

The Nevada Democratic Party took over the Las Vegas Review-Journal homepage today highlighting Heck’s continued silence on whether he will support the Trump as the Republican presidential nominee.

“Congressman Heck’s support for ending birthright citizenship is alarming enough, but his silence on whether he’ll support Trump is unacceptable,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Congressman Heck is too wrapped up in the Party of Trump to truly avoid his party’s frontrunner and he needs to come clean to Nevadans about whether he’ll support one of the most divisive voices in political history.”

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