Loeffler Must Answer For Breaking Senate Ethics Rules And Federal Law

Senator Loeffler Illegally Solicited Political Donations And Promoted Campaign Website From A Senate Building Yesterday, A Violation of Federal Law and Senate Ethics Rules

Senator Kelly Loeffler illegally asked for political contributions and promoted her campaign website from inside a U.S. Senate building yesterday during a Fox News interview, a clear violation of the prohibition against soliciting campaign contributions in federal buildings. Now the unelected senator and political mega-donor must answer why she blatantly violated federal law and Senate ethics rules

This wasn’t the first time Loeffler has raised major red flags. Since being appointed last year, the unelected Senator and political mega-donor has been plagued by scandal, from a corrupt appointment process, to a series of conflicts of interest, accusations of insider trading, and more. 

“Georgians deserve to know why Senator Loeffler decided to violate federal law and Senate ethics rules when she illegally solicited campaign contributions in the U.S. Senate yesterday,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “Loeffler must answer for her long and corrupt history of looking out for herself instead of Georgia families in Washington.” 


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