NRSC Chair Rick Scott “Completely Cowered,” “Declined To Defend” Flawed GOP Senate Nominees – “Even He Can’t Make A Positive Case For His Candidates”

News coverage is panning Rick Scott’s disastrous interview with CBS Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan – highlighting how he “completely cowered when asked if he would personally hire” the GOP’s “scandal-plagued” Senate nominees and that “even he can’t make a positive case for his candidates.”

See for yourself:

Florida Politics: Rick Scott fumbles defense of scandal-plagued Senate candidates

  • U.S. Sen. Rick Scott offered a less than enthusiastic defense of two Senate candidates in Georgia and Arizona while being grilled about the character flaws of GOP nominees.
  • On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Scott was asked about his advice to voters to pick candidates they would “hire” in Senate races, in light of the questionable resumes of GOP nominees Herschel Walker and Blake Masters, amid a “list of troubling things” said by GOP candidates nationwide.
  • Host Margaret Brennan alleged that Georgia’s Walker had lied about how many children he had, his business dealings… She said Arizona’s Masters had called the Unabomber an “underrated thinker” and minimized the threat posed by Al Qaeda.
  • Brennan wasn’t convinced, suggesting that issues as those faced by Walker and Masters would be “red flags to H.R.”

Mediate: WATCH: Rick Scott Bumbles His Way Through Awkward Defense of Herschel Walker, Blake Masters After CBS’ Brennan Puts Him on the Spot

  • Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) completely cowered when asked if he would personally hire Herschel Walker and Blake Masters to work for him, despite the controversy surrounding both Republican Senate candidates.
  • Instead of answering the question for himself, Scott answered “you would go through each person, but I’m not the one doing it.”
  • “You’re trying to help Senate Republicans and lead them to victory,” Brennan interjected. “These are your candidates.”

RealClearPolitics: CBS’s Brennan Asks GOP Sen. Rick Scott: “Blake Masters Called The Unabomber An Underrated Thinker,” Would You Hire Him?

  • CBS “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott about the GOP’s candidates for Senate in Georgia and Arizona, former football star Herschel Walker and tech mogul Blake Masters. Scott declined to defend either of them.

Public Notice:
Even the guy in charge of electing Republicans can’t defend GOP Senate candidates

  • On Sunday, Rick Scott, the guy in charge of getting Republicans elected to the Senate as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, seemed to be feeling the pressure.
  • Scott’s task for the midterms is complicated by the fact that instead of nominating seasoned and serious candidates for Senate seats they hope to pick up, Republican voters have opted for Trump favorites such as Herschel Walker, Blake Masters, and Dr. Oz.
  • Scott’s interview on Face the Nation indicated that even he can’t make a positive case for his candidates.
  • Scott responded with a word salad. “Well, you go through each person, but I’m not the one doing it — the voters of those states are doing it,” he said, prompting Brennan to remind him that “you’re trying to help Senate Republicans and lead them to victory. These are your candidates.”
  • Scott’s interview with Brennan illustrated how poorly these fringe Senate GOP candidates play.

The Hill: Rick Scott says it will be tough for Republicans to take Senate in 2022

  • National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott said on Sunday that it will be tough for GOP lawmakers to take back the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.


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