Pat Toomey Once Again Benefiting from Koch-Connected Dark Money

*Similar releases will be sent targeting Senators Ayotte, Johnson, Portman and McCain

A dark money group announced an ad blitz benefiting the vulnerable GOP senators obstructing the constitutional process – including Senator Pat Toomey. The vulnerable incumbent just today said “it’s not that big a deal” for the Supreme Court to face a potentially record-setting vacancy, and admitted that any nominee wouldn’t be considered solely on his or her qualifications, but on election year politics as well.

Toomey has long been a recipient of outside funding and now this Washington special interest group will take over the Pennsylvania airwaves to prop up a stalwart who will block a nominee and continue to protect the damaging legacy of Citizens United.

Here are the facts:

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network announced it will spend at least $1 million on radio, TV and digital advertising praising the Republican obstructionism that could leave the court vacant for an unprecedented amount of time. The group has focused on blocking Obama Supreme Court nominees and advocating policies pushed by conservative groups, like striking down the Affordable Care Act and supportingStand Your Ground and voter ID laws.

The Judicial Crisis Network receives funding from the Wellspring Committee – a group founded with the backing of Charles and David Koch.

Pat Toomey has accepted nearly $60,000 in Koch cash, and has a 96% rating from Koch group Americans for Prosperity.

Toomey has already benefited from more than $2.4 million in outside spending from GOP groups on TV, radio and digital ads to prop up his campaign.

Toomey has opposed efforts to reverse the damaging Citizens United ruling and truly put a stop to dark money in politics.

“Here’s why he’s standing with obstructionists: Toomey is too afraid to lose out on the Koch-connected dark money that’s propped up his Senate career,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “It is clear that Toomey has no interest in responsible governance or being honest with voters about who’s funding his campaign, and Pennsylvania deserves better.”

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