Portman’s Vote-O-Rama Recap: Planned Parenthood Defunded, Terrorist Gun Loophole Left Open, Tax Relief To Middle Class Denied

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The Republican effort to take away healthcare for millions of Americans and defund Planned Parenthood is expected to “come back and bite” them next fall, and Rob Portman is high on the list of Senators whose reelection prospects grew dimmer as he voted against thousands of Ohioans who rely on the health services he sought to dismantle. Portman also opposed a measure to close the terrorist gun loophole, which would have prevented anyone listed on the terrorist watch list from buying firearms, and said no to middle class tax relief among other things.

“If this is what the Republicans have in mind when they say ‘we’re back to work,’ then for the sake of women and families across the country, please take a break,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Last night, Rob Portman made it clear that he prioritizes special interests and corporations over women’s healthcare, the safety of our communities and pretty much anything else that would help the middle class.”

Here’s a recap of his most damaging votes:

Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Reversing Medicaid Expansion


As a part of the ACA, states expanded Medicaid coverage to all people earning less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level, with the federal government covering the majority of the costs for that expansion. Portman voted to repeal expansion, robbing health care for nearly 600,000 Ohioans who were able to access those services under the new program.

Defund Planned Parenthood


Defunding Planned Parenthood would hurt Ohio’s 28 Planned Parenthood centers and more than 80,000 patients who rely on the clinics for basic health services like breast exams, Pap tests and contraception. When given the opportunity to strike the provision defunding Planned Parenthood, Portman voted no.

Close the Terrorist Gun Loophole


The amendment would have prevented terrorists or suspected terrorists from buying a gun or explosives.

Provide Tax Relief to the Middle Class


The amendment would have provided new tax cut for working families to keep more of what they earn and also help pay for child care.

Increase Veteran’s Access to Care & Improve VA Facilities


The amendment would have increased funding for veterans care, VA construction and hiring.

Protect Pregnant Women, Domestic Violence Victims & Cancer Patients from Tax Increases


The amendment would have protected a tax credit passed as a part of the ACA, protecting tax increases for vulnerable patients, including pregnant women, victims of domestic violence, people with cancer and Alzheimer’s, and stroke survivors.

BONUS: Jon Stewart Made A Senator Really Uncomfortable Over 9/11

Portman’s votes weren’t even the most shameful part of his day:

“As of Thursday morning, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) was among just 34 senators who had not signed on as a sponsor of a new 9/11 health and compensation bill.

“[9/11 First] Responders visited his office on Wednesday and felt like they were not treated very well…

“It took tracking the senator down in the hallways beneath the Capitol building — and a very awkward 20-minute conversation — to bring him on board.

“The reason it was so awkward is that Portman declined repeated invitations during the talk to sign onto the bill, and offered the sorts of rationales that sounded very familiar to the firefighters and police officers who were making the pitch. They’ve heard the same things from dozens of lawmakers who declare they’ll never forget 9/11, but can’t overcome whatever problems they have with passing a bill to permanently care for ailing responders.”

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