Ron Johnson Willing To Risk Wisconsin Public Safety with DHS Shutdown

As the Republican Senate majority inches closer to a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with no plan in sight, Ron Johnson continues to ignore the direct consequences of a DHS shutdown to Wisconsin – including the fact that a DHS shutdown could leave local fire departments lacking funding and without necessary equipment.

“Ron Johnson has demonstrated that he’s willing to put Tea Party politics ahead of national security and local public safety in Wisconsin,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Sadie Weiner. “By playing politics and continuing to obstruct the passage of a clean DHS funding bill, Ron Johnson could leave Wisconsin fire departments at risk with a lack of funding and without the necessary equipment used to keep families safe. Wisconsin deserves better than a Senator who’s willing to risk public safety to score partisan political points.”


WEAU: Local Wisconsin Volunteer Fire Departments Faced Lack Of Funding Due To Potential DHS Shutdown. “Local volunteer fire departments are facing concerns about the grants they use to fund their departments. Right now their funding is tied to the Department of Homeland Security budget, which is stalled in congress and is only funded through the end of this month.” [WEAU, 2/14/15]

Altoona Fire Chief: DHS Grant Funds “Necessary Equipment We Need For Our Department.” “Altoona Fire Chief Jesse James recently applied for the Assistant to Firefighters Grant, that grant is funded through the Department of Homeland Security’s budget. ‘The grant itself will assist us and hopefully obtaining necessary equipment we need for our department which will hopefully replace the current SCBA, self-contented breathing apparatus that we use on fire scenes,’ James said.” [WEAU, 2/14/15]

Johnson Refused To Back Down From DHS Funding Fight. “On Friday WEAU 13 News reached out to U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin. Senator Johnson released this statement: ‘No one wants to defund the Department of Homeland Security. I certainly want to help DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson succeed in his mission of keeping America safe. That includes providing funding for his department. Unfortunately, Democrats in the Senate are obstructing the Senate’s ability even to debate a funding bill, part of a fight that President Obama’s executive actions have provoked. We should debate the bill and fund DHS, and the president should enforce the law.’” [WEAU, 2/14/15]

Johnson Showed Little Concern For Potential DHS Shutdown. “Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said Tuesday he isn’t concerned about the potential shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. ‘Even in the last government shut down only 13.6% of DHS employees were furloughed,’ Johnson said. ‘So the national security aspects, the aspects of the department that keeps America safe, are continuing to function no matter what happens in this very dysfunctional place.’” [Buzzfeed, 1/20/15]​

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