Rob Portman Sets New Standard For Ridiculous Political Theater

Facing a tough re-election fight, Rob Portman has set a new standard for ridiculous DC political theater by introducing legislation intended to prevent government shutdowns while continuing to oppose the very obvious solution that would prevent a looming shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security.

“The clear and obvious way to prevent a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security is to take up and pass a clean bill that fully funds the DHS, but Rob Portman would rather score political points than actually stop government shutdowns,” said Sadie Weiner, National Press Secretary at the DSCC. “This kind of political game playing might fool his K Street buddies who are dumping money into his campaign, but Ohioans expect more from their elected officials and will hold Rob Portman accountable in 2016 if he continues to irresponsibly take us towards a DHS shutdown instead of doing his job.”


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