Ron Johnson’s Shutdown Hypocrisy Worsens

With just five days until the funding for the Department of Homeland Security expires, and local first responders in Wisconsin already dealing with the fallout from Johnson’s political games, Republicans returned from recess with no plan to keep the agency operating.

From day one Ron Johnson has foolishly claimed a DHS shutdown wouldn’t hurt national security, and he’s justified his shutdown position by explaining that during the last Republican-fueled government shutdown, essential DHS employees remained on the job…they were just were required to work without pay. (No big deal!)

But today, Johnson attempted to have it both ways, and released a statement claiming he’ll “work to make certain the Department of Homeland Security is operating at full strength.”

Sorry Ron, if you shut down DHS that’s impossible.

“Ron Johnson is clearly trying to have it both ways by claiming he’s working to fund the Department of Homeland Security when he’s been cheerleading a shutdown for weeks,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Sadie Weiner. “Despite his empty rhetoric, Johnson continues to choose partisan politics over a clean funding bill for the DHS, despite the consequences a shutdown could have on national security and local public safety. Wisconsin deserves better than Ron Johnson’s blatant hypocrisy and political games.”

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