Senate Republicans “Pulling Out All The Stops” To Delay Urgently Needed COVID Relief

With More Than Half A Million Americans Dead and Millions More In Financial Turmoil, Senate Republicans Are Pushing A Series Of Procedural Stunts To Slow Down Passage Of Critical Aid

Republicans in Washington are “pulling out all the stops” to slow down and obstruct the passage of coronavirus relief in the Senate this week. Led by their toxic Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and disgraced NRSC Chair Rick Scott, Republicans are once again plotting out procedural stunts and messaging votes in a “risky strategy” designed to delay the overwhelmingly popular American Rescue Plan at a time when senators should be working to pass this urgently needed legislation.

In the middle of a devastating public health crisis that has fueled an economic crisis, Senate Republicans are even openly sharing that their efforts to impede the relief package are nothing more than a dangerous political game to cause extended delays. Senator Ron Johnson, the most vulnerable Republican incumbent, declared “we need to keep this process going…I’m going to lead the effort to resist this thing,” while Senator John Cornyn blatantly admitted that the GOP’s series of planned votes is “all about TV commercials.”

“Mitch McConnell and Republicans like Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio want to delay coronavirus relief because they care more about scoring political points with Washington gridlock than helping families and communities that are hurting,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Their dangerous games to bog down relief are hardly surprising for a party that has proven unfit to govern and lead the country out of this crisis. Voters don’t want obstruction and petty political stunts, they want results that will deliver relief, beat this pandemic and rebuild our economy.”

While Senate Republicans continue to oppose the American Rescue Plan, the public – including a majority of GOP voters and numerous local GOP elected officials – wants this legislation to pass, with poll after poll showing broad and bipartisan support. As they ramp up their efforts to delay $1,400 direct relief checks, funding to safely reopen schools, resources to increase access to vaccines, help for state and local governments, and emergency unemployment and small business assistance, GOP senators like Senator Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio face “significant political risk” for continuing to oppose and obstruct this package.


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