“The Ronald and the Donald”

The NRSC told their candidates to focus their campaigns on local issues, but it doesn’t seem like Senator Ron Johnson is listening to that advice. Despite polls showing Americans want the Senate to move forward with Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland, Johnson is standing firm with Republican obstruction of the constitutional process. And now, with all eyes on Wisconsin’s presidential primary, Johnson is going all out with his embrace of toxic GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

In a recent CNN segment, Johnson spoke about how he thought Trump would help his reelection chances and how he’d be happy to campaign with Trump, making a duo of “The Ronald and the Donald.”

Manu Raju: “Would you stump with Trump?”

Johnson: “Stump with Trump? Just because it rhymes. It’d be the Ronald and the Donald. We could get all kinds of rhymes out of this thing.”

“Donald Trump has been on an insult tour of America since he launched his campaign, but Ron Johnson wants to campaign alongside him in the fall,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Trump is toxic and divisive, but Ron Johnson is still ready to support him. The only question is whether their joint rallies will feature rhyming speeches.”

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