WALKER WEEK IN REVIEW: “Plagued By Gaffes,” Caught In “Trump’s Shadow” & The “GOP Civil War”

Newsweek: “Republican Herschel Walker’s first week is off to a rocky start”

The Washington Post: “In Georgia, Trump’s announcement was met with concern”

POLITICO: “A GOP civil war is underway, and Republicans in Georgia are caught in the middle”

Herschel Walker “is off to a rocky start” in Georgia’s runoff election: he has spent his first week on the campaign trail “plagued by gaffes,” upended by “Trump’s shadow,” and “caught in the middle” of a “GOP civil war.

See for yourself:

Newsweek: Herschel Walker’s First Week of Runoff Campaigning Plagued by Gaffes

  • Republican Herschel Walker’s first week is off to a rocky start. This week, Walker has made a series of gaffes.
  • Since last week’s elections, Walker has made headlines for mistakenly referring to America as “the greatest country in the United States,” praising cars with “good emissions” and talking about vampires and werewolves.
  • On Monday, Walker said that the U.S. is not ready for “the green agenda” and that the country needs to “keep having those gas-guzzling cars” that produce “good emissions.”
  • Then, on Tuesday, Walker seemed unaware that Georgians can vote early in the runoff election.
  • A day later, Walker went viral again on the subject of vampires and werewolves during a campaign speech in McDonough, Georgia.

Vanity Fair: Vampires, Werewolves, And Horse Manure: The Latest WTF Comments That Have Come Out Of Herschel Walker’s Mouth

  • Take, for instance, his comments from earlier this week, in which he went on an extended tangent about vampires and werewolves, telling people that while he once wanted to be a vampire, he’s changed his mind and would like to be a werewolf.
  • Just something for Georgia voters to think about as they head to the ballot box. (In addition to, y’know, all the other Herschel Walker stuff that should disqualify him from having any kind of political power.)

The Washington Post: As Republicans worry, Democrats welcome Trump’s shadow in Ga. Senate runoff

  • Some believe Trump’s campaign announcement will energize voters who want to see Warnock, 53, senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, return to the Senate, as well as those who want to move beyond the former president’s polarizing brand of politics.
  • “For every person that likes Trump, there are two people that really hate Trump,” said Gabriel Delille, a student at Georgia State University who is voting for Warnock. He said he is “not glad” that Trump is planning another run for president, “but he’s a good tool for Democrats to use to motivate the base, because you can’t have that man in office.”
  • Republicans urged Trump to hold off on announcing his 2024 bid until after the Georgia runoff, warning it could divert attention from the race — and, worse, energize Democrats back to the polls.
  • In Georgia, Trump’s announcement was met with concern among some Walker supporters.

POLITICO: GOP civil war spreads to Georgia runoff

  • A GOP civil war is underway, and Republicans in Georgia are caught in the middle of the skirmish.
  • Senate Republican infighting isn’t the only dispute affecting the Peach State race. Georgia GOP activists are worried about the potential effect of Donald Trump launching his 2024 run on Tuesday, an announcement that local party leaders fear could depress turnout among moderate Republicans — votes that Walker needs.
  • Georgia voters are familiar with national Republican infighting, having endured two months of GOP squabbling as Trump and top conservative voices cast doubt on the integrity of the 2020 election and debated whether the January 2021 runoff would be fair.
  • As a result, a critical mass of the Republican base sat out the runoff elections that decided control of the Senate last cycle, ultimately placing the narrow majority in Democrats’ hands. A similar cloud over the state’s upcoming runoff could threaten GOP turnout, Republican officials fear, a scenario that would cost the GOP the seat again.


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