WATCH: Perdue Would “Absolutely Not” Put Relief for Middle Class Families Ahead of Corporate Tax Giveaway

Perdue Urged Republicans to “Hold the Line” on Corporate Tax Cuts, Would “Absolutely Not” Delay Giveaway — Even for Middle Class Families

Perdue Pushed To Cut Corporate Taxes Even Lower Despite Record Windfalls & Stock Buybacks

The DSCC released a new digital video highlighting Senator David Perdue’s claim — two years ago today — that he would “absolutely not” delay Senate Republicans’ corporate tax giveaway to provide middle class and working Americans tax relief. Not only did Senator Perdue double down on his support for this “lopsided giveaway to corporations” — despite knowing that it could raise taxes on Georgia families —  he also pushed even deeper tax breaks for corporate special interests, while refusing to commit to cutting taxes for hardworking Georgians.


Reporter: “Would you ever consider delaying the corporate tax implementation in order to provide more relief to middle class Americans?”

Senator Perdue: “Absolutely not.”

“Senator Perdue isn’t looking out for hardworking Georgians — he’s more concerned with pleasing the corporate special interests bankrolling his re-election campaign,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Instead of bringing down costs for working families, he worked to cut taxes for corporations. Now, as big business reaps the benefits, Georgia families are paying the price for Senator Perdue’s reckless giveaway.”

While he refused to delay his corporate tax giveaway to expand middle class relief, Senator Perdue actually wanted to cut corporate taxes even lower, down to 15 percent — a reckless move that would boost corporations’ bottom line even more while leaving hardworking Georgians even further behind.

Read more about the consequences of Senator Perdue’s reckless scheme to slash taxes for the biggest corporations at Georgians’ expense:

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