Weekly West Virginia “Battle Royale” Senate Primary Update

Jim Justice failed to file his financial disclosure and continues to hide his official schedule, as the “mudslinging” between Jim Justice and Alex Mooney ramps up. Here’s what you might have missed this week in West Virginia’s “messy,” “costly,” and “bruising” GOP primary.

  • Despite having nearly four months to complete it, Justice failed to file his personal financial disclosure by the deadline of August 24. Personal financial disclosures are “mandatory for members and candidates,” and Justice’s failure to file is breaking the law and hides potential conflicts of interest from West Virginians.  

  • Justice continues to hide his official schedule from West Virginians. He once again refused to release records pertaining to his official schedule or official calendar after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sued Justice’s office to demand the release of these records.The DSCC has billboards near the courthouse encouraging West Virginians to visit to learn more about Justice’s efforts to hide information pertaining to his official schedule and his ongoing financial scandals.


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