What To Know About Failed Loser Pat McCrory As He Enters “Ugly” #NCSEN Primary

McCrory A Two-Time Statewide Loser And Only NC Governor To Lose Re-Election Since The 1800s, Now Republicans Facing The Prospect Of An Increasingly Messy & Chaotic Primary

Failed politician and “sore loser” Pat McCrory jumped into the North Carolina Republican Senate primary today, ramping up what is sure to be a messy and chaotic battle. McCrory’s desperate decision to reenter politics is poised — by McCrory’s own admission — “to cause further division within the Republican Party” as the GOP civil war rages into 2022.

Here’s what you need to know about failed loser Pat McCrory:

  • McCrory became a talk radio host… because he couldn’t get hired anywhere else. After he was voted out of office in 2016, McCrory openly auditioned for Trump administration jobs, university jobs, and corporate jobs –– but nobody would hire him because he was so toxic and damaged.
  • McCrory is now facing a tough Republican primary for Senate. Before McCrory even entered the primary, he faced attacks from primary opponent Mark Walker who quickly bashed McCrory for getting passed over by the Trump administration. And the primary is likely to get even messier –– Congressman Ted Budd, Lara Trump and Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson have all hinted at campaigns, making what is already an “ugly” primary even more chaotic. A new Republican poll shows McCrory trailing Trump and Robinson in a hypothetical primary.

“Pat McCrory is a desperate loser and career politician who was voted out of office after he embarrassed North Carolina on the national stage while costing the state thousands of jobs and then couldn’t even get hired by the Trump administration,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “With a failed record like that, it’s no wonder Pat McCrory is already facing a buzzsaw of opposition as he joins this divisive and messy Republican primary.”


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