What To Know About The “Fractured” AZ GOP Senate Primary & Mick McGuire

In response to Mick McGuire’s entrance into the “fractured” Arizona GOP Senate primary, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson David Bergstein released the following statement: 

“McGuire’s entrance into Arizona’s crowded Republican Senate primary is just the latest escalation of an expensive, chaotic and long intra-party GOP fight. McGuire and every other Republican candidate will be spending months exposing each other’s vulnerabilities and defending their party’s unpopular agenda that blocks coronavirus relief, spikes the cost of healthcare, and jeopardizes retirement security — and Arizona voters will see why none of these GOP politicians should represent them in the Senate.”

McGuire enters a primary that even the NRSC admits has “no clear frontrunner,” and Arizona Republicans say “the schism within their party [is] a shootout in which there would be no winners.” Already one of McGuire’s primary opponents has run TV ads, another has the backing of Peter Thiel who has pledged to spend $10 million in this race, and Club for Growth has also hinted it’s ready to step in to support Congressman Andy Biggs. As the ongoing and controversial “audit” in Maricopa County continues to draw President Trump’s attention and serve as a “purity test” for GOP candidates, the primary is set to escalate even further. 


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