DSCC Statement on Missouri Senate GOP Primary

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement on the Missouri Republican Senate primary:

Josh Hawley spent the year disappointing Republicans with a lackluster and gaffe-prone campaign but the reason he won’t win this election is because he doesn’t put Missouri first. Hawley ignored the corruption of his political donors, refused to stand up for Missouri farms and industries hurt by the trade war, and filed a lawsuit to let insurance companies deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions– even through nearly 2.5 million Missourians have a pre-existing condition. Hawley is a self-serving politician who only wants to climb the political ladder to help himself and his donors – that’s why hardworking Missourians can’t trust him in the Senate.”

What To Know About Josh Hawley:

Hawley is a corrupt, self-serving politician using Missourians to advance his own career. He refused to investigate one of his top donors; refused to investigate disgraced former Governor Eric Greitens for more than a year after accepting $50,000 from him; broke his signature campaign pledge to create a public corruption unit until he was caught; and lied when he said he wasn’t just climbing the political ladder.

Hawley is suing to make coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional.

Hawley campaign is floundering as he fails to live up to expectations.  Republicans said Hawley’s campaign was a “five alarm fire,” the Kansas City star said he was “nonsensical,” and “consistently petty” and the St. Louis Dispatch wrote “he has minimal credentials with which to convince voters that he can be more effective as a senator than McCaskill.”



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