One Day After Claiming She’d Do the Opposite, Collins Casts Deciding Vote to Allow Trump’s Multimillion-Dollar Raid on Military Projects

Just one day after claiming she’d do the opposite, Senator Susan Collins cast the deciding vote in the Appropriations Committee against a proposal that would have made it harder for the Trump administration to “reprogram money for the wall.” Collins is already facing “bipartisan anger” and eroding support back home, and is now trying to have it both ways on President Trump’s $3.6 billion raid on military construction projects across the country. 

“Senator Collins’ vote today shows exactly why Mainers are ready for new leadership in Washington,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Just yesterday she said she’d stand up to the president but when it was time to cast her vote, she again refused to break with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. Rather than admit it to Mainers, Collins is talking out of both sides of her mouth to distract from her vote to enable this shameful raid on military projects.”


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