TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY: McSally Says “Let’s Get This F*cking Thing Done,” Votes to Gut Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

It’s been two years since Martha McSally called on House Republicans to pass their toxic health care bill… she spent the rest of the cycle getting her “ass kicked

It’s been exactly two years since unelected Senator Martha McSally stood up in a House GOP conference meeting and told her wavering colleagues, “let’s get this f*cking thing done.” The deeply unpopular bill McSally voted for that day would have spiked costs for millions of Americans, imposed what the AARP called an age tax, and gutted coverage protections for pre-existing conditions.

She lied plenty to try to cover up her record, but the damage was done. By her own admission, McSally spent the rest of the cycle getting her “ass kicked” on the issue of health care – becoming the first Arizona Republican in 30 years to lose a Senate race.

GOP repeal efforts have now shifted to the courts, where the Trump Administration is doubling down on a dangerous federal lawsuit that would completely scrap the health care law and end protections for people with pre-existing conditions. McSally – who helped spark the lawsuit by voting for the reckless Republican tax law – has refused to oppose the Trump Administration on the lawsuit, simply saying “that’s their decision.”

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Stewart Boss issued the following statement:

“Marth McSally’s heartless rallying cry for a health care bill that would spike costs, gut pre-existing conditions protections and impose an age tax is a reminder that she’s too partisan and too out of touch to represent Arizona families in the U.S. Senate. Two years later, Martha McSally is still getting her ‘ass kicked‘ on these reckless health care votes.”


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